Some SpyMare features associated with the Arbitrage Service are :-


  •  16 Bookies are currently covered with many more to follow.Some of the best for arbitrage are included and others will be added. These are the current bookies covered by SpyMare:-


final 16 bookies for site



  • Service quickly shows all available horse racing arbs as and when these are manually found by the Spymare team !
  • Simple to use, easy to navigate web design, all with simplicity in mind.



  • DOES NOT USE ANY PUBLIC ODDS COMPARISON SITE  like other services, odds are manually found and published on the site within seconds!
  • Win every bet you place.Why gamble when you can win every bet?


Even more SpyMare features like >

  • “SPEED LINKS “  to ensure you get to the site as quickly as possible to get your risk free bet on ! Just click the bookie picture  and you will be taken direct to the corresponding bookmaker site.





  • Advanced calculators built into the webpage,no need to use third party calculators to work out stakes.Including an amazing FREE BET calculator with enhanced profits if the horse actually wins.



free bet for website



equal profit ca,culator for website



  • Advanced sort features by TIME, COURSE, HORSE AND ODDS ( in ascending order ) at the click of a button to customize the results how you want !


sort feature



  • Quick links via a clever tooltip feature that shows the bookie and exchange links with an estimated profit percentage when  the odds are clicked ! Just click on the back price in blue and the tooltip will do the rest ! >





  • Unbelievably good value for money compared to inferior products on the market


  • Arbs found will be shown on the service page from 10am  and all day long.UK horse racing is on 365 days a year!



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  • Free upgrades for life on all purchased packages.Guaranteed!


  • User manual & Guide included with every subscription.


user manual2



  • Excellent customer support.Contact us below for assistance or any questions!

  • Arb filter to allow you to view only the % arbs you are interested in.For example if you do not wish to bet arbs of less than 1% ROI , then simply enter this in the filter and click to see only those greater than 1% ROI.Easy !


  • More features and bookies to be added in future updates !







Or take a RISK FREE trial today !



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