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This section of the site has been dedicated to posting some of the very best scan shots using  © SpyMare.Please feel free to add your comments, views or as anything relevant to SpyMare and we will reply as soon as we can.

If you have your own screenshots found by SpyMare then send them to support@spymare and we will post them right here !

We may even consider issuing a FREE subscription to the best screenshots showing the best arb found that week !

Ok, heres one I found today with multiple bookmakers to place the bet ( 4 in total ) therefore spreading a larger bet is entirely possible to avoid any suspicions from the Bookmakers.There is also several others priced at 4.5 & 4.33 to spread EVEN MORE money over !!

Also, and crucially where arbitrage is concerned , there is a huge amount of money on the Betfair lay side,  OVER £1195 to be exact!!

Here’s the screenshots for Lord Scoundrel at Navan 16:50 on 16/02/14 !


lords scound2









lord scoundBETFAIR

This is the kind of arb that can earn you the full cost of the software to use for life for a minutes work ! So what are you waiting for, get arbing with SpyMare and send those shots in ! Remember we will consider a free subscription for the best shots ! Please add any comments below.

May x


Here is another, this time its Camden at Wetherby, 3.25pm, 18/02/14  >

Here’s the arb on the screen >


The price at Ladbrokes this time >


cambden ladsFIN

And the available lay price and money on Betfair, a total of £534 to lay, so larger stakes can be used !


This next one is a quick £16.45 made from Rakaan at the 4pm Lingfield.

The screen  reveals the arb in seconds !!!!

 Bet365 will oblige this time at a juicy 15.0 odds!






And the odds to confirm the price at Bet365


rakaan bet365 complete

Lets look at the lay price on Betfair, with almost £65 available ( 10.5/11 odds )!

Notice how the price has moved to 10.5 so we need to be quick !


rakan betfair compete


This returns £16.45 RISK FREE  based on a £45 stake at Bet365!


 All done and dusted in a couple of minutes for RISK FREE MONEY!



How about back odds of 51 ( Totesport ) and lay odds of 24 !!!

This screen reveals exactly that and we also have the option of 41 odds at Marathonbet>

gold plat


Now lets confirm these odds are actually there >


gold platinum totesport

And the Betfair lay odds >


gold platinum betfair

Notice how the odds have changed to 28.o, still this is a great arb.

With a back stake of just £15, yes only £15 this will return over £11.00 profit no matter the outcome of the race!

Or if you think the horse has a chance of winning you could use the SpyMare FREE BET CALCULATOR and should it actually win, you could pocket yourself an incredible £323 !!!!!!!

Look >

gold platinum free bet calc


This really has to be one of the easiest decisions you will ever make in your life !!

You can purchase the software below !




Here’s another amazing risk free opportunity, this time it’s the 16:20 Leopardstown, Harleys Harley, 30/03/14



You can back Harleys Harvey at a HUGE 7.5 at Marathonbet and lay it for just 5.4 ( well the price moved to 5.8 but regardless its an incredible risk free money opportunity ! Here’s the price at Marathonbet >


maraton harleys


And the Betfair lay price which has now drifted to 5.8 but look at that liquidity, a full £265 to lay off which can easily bring a profit of around £55 for a £200 stake, all guaranteed no matter what happens in the race !!


harleys harley betfair


The examples are almost endless………. here’s another !

This screenshot reveals loads of risk free money opportunities , so lets take a look at the unfiltered results first :


And after a one click filter has been checked >

genstone filtered

And the price at Marathonbet just waiting to be clicked >


genmarathon com

And the all important odds and liquidity at Betfair ( a total of £142 between the odds of 6.4/6.8 ) >


genstone trail betfair com


With proof like these screenshots it really should make this a simple decision for you !



Take the gamble out of your betting, SpyMare : Why gamble when you can win every bet !


You can click on the purchase SpyMare button below now !


Remember to send you pictures in and the best ones will win a FREE SUBSCRIPTION !

Happy arbing………… till next time!

 May x






20 thoughts on “SpyMare Arb Of The Week !

  1. Hey May,

    Looks a cracking arb with great amount of money on betfair to lay !
    just took out the trial and am impressed with how many arbs it throws out.Will there be more bookies added do you know?

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for that.
      Yes, we will be adding some more juicy bookmakers in due course!
      Enjoy your trial

      May x

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for that and good luck with the trial ( not that I think you will need it of course !).We think its pretty good !

      May x

  2. Bought this last week on the strength of the info on this site and an excellent review on the betting rant, very pleased to say it does exactly as it says on the tin ! I have made money every day with this.Thanks for a genuine product at a very decent price.


    • Hi Ken,

      Thank you for that update, we are glad you are making profits with SpyMare and very happy to have you on board.Watch for updates coming soon, with some cool new features.
      May x

  3. Hi, long time arbitrage better and must say I am excited by this software. Tried to download your free trial on my macbook but it didn’t work which is a great shame because i really wanted to sign up. You thinking of making mac enabled software in the future?

    • Hi Toby,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The software is a windows software at the moment and there is no immediate plans to make a Mac version.Perhaps you can access a PC and give it a try though, we are sure you would enjoy the software.

      Also, there are future plans for a web based version/alert service which you maybe interested in.We can keep you informed of this.


  4. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. What an awesome bit of tack SpyMare truly is. Had a little play here and there for the first month’s licence just to judge which arbs will generate good return and how much to stake in case of possible restrictions over certain odds. Then BANG, £91.36 profit in the last 7 days, helped along by 1 arb making £3.16 profit from a £5 stake, and another making £11.00 profit from a £10.00 stake. I use an overlay strategy via this link where one can custom the overlay amount to maximise profit from the horse hopefully losing but winning on Betfair. Even a £10 a day return will generate you £300 a month, which is more than the interest you will receive from your bank. SpyMare is a great tool for Skew ProTrader as well. Many thanks to Lucy for bringing this product to my attention, and May alsp provides excellent customer support. Can’t wait for the upgrades.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thank you so much for that great feedback.We are glad you are making some excellent money from SpyMare ( though how couldn’t you !)look out for the next update which includes privacy scanning and other fixes to make it even more efficient than it is at present.Thanks for stopping by and good luck with even more profits ( not that you’ll need any luck of course!).

      May .

  5. Really enjoying using Spymare, after 3 days trial and now 2 days of a 30 day subscription, money is gradually building up. I’m just wondering if you are thinking of adding a feature to compare the prices on the exchanges rather than relying on the bookies. Reason for asking is, in the space of 24 hours I was limited on Marathon (to stakes of £1, useless for arbing) and completely banned on StanJames (who are now hanging onto a substantial part of my bankroll and not letting me withdraw). I know there is always a risk of being limited/banned, but to happen after 5 days is very frustrating. If arbing the exchanges were possible, there would at least be one avenue where limiting couldn’t happen. I also wondered if you had thought of adding SBOBet to the list of bookies as they are the only standard bookie who never limit people. Despite those minor issues, I’m loving the software, looking forward to continuing to make some easy money.

    • Laurence,

      Thank you for your comment and we are glad you are enjoying the software and making some money along the way.The idea of an exchange only arbitrage software is something we have considered but wonder if the odds/price differentials will be there to make it worthwhile and effective as an arbitrage tool.We are always looking to review and add to our bookies and we have some good ones in mind for the next major update.SBOBet is a great bookie and one we would hope to include in the future.Thanks for taking the time to comment and we wish you all the best for more risk free profits with SpyMare !

  6. Hello there… loved the trial when I tried it a few weeks back. got a quick question. I know you’re constantly adding bookies to the list (which is great) and wondered if you were looking to add BFFixed to that list?? BFfixed surprisingly can offer up some good arbs against the exchange on a regular basis (go figure – I thought those two systems would be much more tightly tied!).

    anyway, thanks again for spymare, still sitting on the fence, but findiong the urge to jump over irresistable :-)


    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for stopping by and offering a comment.

      Yes, the sportsbook is something we would consider though didn’t realise they would represent any arb opportunity as they should be tied together to ensure no arbs exist as you say.

      Look forward to seeing you if you do decide to subscribe.

      Kind regards.

  7. May,

    Thanks for the response. I look fwd to seeing *potentially* a sportsbook bookie option as there definitely are arbs to be had (I shall post a few examples as I encounter them over the next few days to illustrate the scale of the *issue* :-))

    cheers again

  8. as promised, a few examples from today of bffixed vs the exchange:

    18:15 Doncaster Basateen 2.20 vs 2.16
    17:45 Leopardst California Rose 6.50 vs 6.00
    18:25 Leopardst Raydara 3.75 vs 3.60
    18:55 Leopardst Gleneagles 1.80 vs 1.74

    this is a fairly typical scenario with some ok ones plus the odd *nice* one (17:45 – Calif Rose).


    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you very much for those interesting odds indeed!

      As i said before I am very surprised at this, though it does present another useful bookie resource.


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