Worried that online bookmakers will limit your stakes or close your accounts ?


Well, worry no more !


Spymare will guide you through the concept of Sharbing !


Together with our new WEB BASED HORSE RACING ARBITRAGE  SERVICE , this will ensure you always get your bets on !





Sharbing ?

What is sharbing we hear you say ?

Well, its an amalgamation of two words…… shop & arbing, to form that delightful word sharbing .

So, in essence its about spotting arbs and placing these arbs in a high street bookmaker and laying them off on Betfair ( or any other exchange for that matter ).

This involves  exactly the same principles as arbing online, with the same RISK FREE PROFITS, but without the worry of being limited or having your online account restricted in anyway.



coral sharbing



So, how does SpyMare help with this ?

Well, the new SpyMare Horse Racing Arbitrage Service is available from JUST 34P PER DAY and can be used by any mobile device, tablet, smartphone etc.It works on all the major browsers and will give you up to the minute racing arbs that can be placed in the bookie shops and layed off on Betfair for a profit!

So, how do I get started and what exactly is involved ?

Well, the first thing that has to be mastered is the concept of arbitrage itself.To be proficient at sharbing requires good knowledge of how to exploit arbitrage situations, getting the all important odds secured and stakes on and layed off at the correct proportions.If you need any advice around there are loads of online resources to help, just Google it and you will return over  300 thousand results on the topic ! Alternatively you can download our free manual which explains the key points around arbitrage and how to make RISK FREE money from this.

Ok, so I know how to place arbitrage bets……. what are the advantages of sharbing over traditional online arbing ?

Well, the biggest advantage is that you are much more likely to get your bets on ( and at bigger stakes ) than online and you do not need to worry about any account restrictions/closures ,  because you are not linked to any account when you walk in off the street and place a bet.You are simply a high street punter who fancies a bet ! There is no monitoring of your bets to analyse bet patterns, stake patterns, or any other type of scrutiny that your online account is subject to.No monitoring software, IP monitoring, cross referencing of accounts etc to give the bookmaker the edge ! You are relatively anonymous and if you ensure you spread your sharbing around in different shops then you will arouse little, if any, suspicion.

Ok, so how do I sharb , can you give  a step by step approach to sharbing ?

Yes we can.

  1.  Master the skill of arbitrage.
  2. Purchase Spymare for the all important information you need… the arbs themselves !
  3. Get your hands on a smart phone with internet connectivity ( 3G/4G ) You can set up your smart phone using tethering with the following guides :
  4. Set up a personal hotspot on your Iphone
  5. Set up an Android phone as a WI-FI hotspot
  6. Set up a Blackberry as a WI-FI hotspot
  7. Find as many bookmaker shops within close proximity to each other.Those most popular are Williamhill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred, Stan James, Paddypower , and Betvictor.The more shops you have in your area the greater the choice and easier it is to stay under the radar
  8.  Log on to your SpyMare web service and find some of the best horse racing arbs around ! Do this from outside the shop  NOT inside.Do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  9. Log on to Betfair ( or Smarkets/Betdaq as often prices are very similar and both have better commission rates ).Check the liquidity available on the exchange.
  10. Decide on which arb you wish to take and enter the shop as a regular customer and check the price on the screen to confirm its the same as the price you want.If so , pick up a blank betting slip and write down the bet with your stake ( stick to round numbers of 5 or 10 ie, £25 or £30.
  11. Take your slip to the counter and ask for the price.This is important to ensure you get the all necessary back price to make the arb profitable.The Assistant will normally circle the odds as acceptance of the bet at that price.
  12. If the price has gone, then politely decline the bet saying something along the lines of ” that’s a bit short, I think i’ll look at something else then”.You can always discretely check your phone or use the toilet on the premises to check another arb.Nine times out of ten if the price is on the screen then its live and you will get the odds you need.The shop odds are aligned with the online odds for horse racing so if its available online, its available in shop, as a general rule of thumb.
  13. Leave the shop or go to the toilet area within the shop and lay the bet off.
  14. Repeat this process spreading your betting activity around as many shops and areas as possible.
  15. Finally, collect your winnings with a smile !


Final points

  1. Remember that good organisation is important.
  2. You must be disciplined and prepared to put in the effort to make this pay.It does pay well and is risk free if completed correctly.
  3. You must have cash and be prepared to carry this from shop to shop.
  4. Remember to rotate the shops as far a possible to stay under the radar.
  5. Act as natural as possible whilst in the shop and blend in just like a natural punter.
  6. Enjoy your winnings.


Happy Sharbing !



You can purchase the SpyMare Web service from below :






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