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What this?Enter your email and password, and we create an account right after payment to allow you access © Spymare horse racing arbitrage service, and email you all the details. In case you enter an email which is already regitered, the old password for your account will be used.

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SpyMare is integrated with the worlds leading payment processor ,Paypal , in the most secure way , guaranteeing that your information is kept confidential and safe.

Please make your purchase choice from the purchase options above (30 days, 60 days or 90 days). Then enter your user email and create a password. Once payment is received we will automatically create an account based on the details you provided using your user email and password. Your user login is created from the first part of your email address. For example, in the screenshot below if you entered spymare@gmail.com, your user login will be spymare. All authentication details will be sent in a confirmation email shortly after purchase.You can then access the horse racing arbitrage service from the page found HERE!

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If you entered the registered email to purchase horse racing arbitrage service license, we would use the account associated with your registered email for the purchased license. It means you can use the email and OLD password of your email to login spymare and discover our services.

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We believe we offer the best service for quality, value and support and would like to thank you for purchasing our SpyMare Horse Racing Arbitrage Service. For any support,comments or feedback please contact us support@spymare.com.