Can I really make money, risk free by using SpyMare software?

Yes.Arbitrage is the only mathematical certainty in betting.Back high and lay low and you are guaranteed to make a profit.

So, is there any catch to this at all?

No.As long as you place the bets as advised by the software , using the calculators to ensure you are using the correct stakes, you WILL make risk free money with this product.

But I don’t know anything about arbitrage?

That’s fine.We give you a free guide on this explaining what it is, how it works and a manual for the software that explains everything.Its really very simple .

Is the service complicated?

Absolutely not.In fact it was designed with simplicity in mind.ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS PLACE THE BETS!

Is the service expensive ?

Absolutely not.You can purchase a 30 day or 60 day monthly subscription from as little as 34p per day ! We believe we offer  the best value for this type of service !


Will you limit the amount of subscribers to protect liquidity on Betfair?

Yes.We currently have a set limit of customers to protect exactly this.

How many bookies are included in the software?

At present there are 16 of the best bookies for racing arbitrage, with many more to follow.We have currently some of the best BOG bookmakers selected, with more to follow.


Can I buy the service permanently rather than subscribe monthly?

This was an option until very recently, however due to demand and the need to protect our members who rely on liquidity at the exchange, we have had to remove this and review our subscription model.


Do you supply a service guide?

Yes we do.It is a clear, simple language PDF document explaining everything from installation to getting the best out of the service to make you risk free money every day.


Does SpyMare use an odds comparison site ?

No.SpyMare does not use any scraping or public odds comparison sites ( like oddschecker) to find the arbs displayed on our service.Instead we use a combination of our own custom odds comparison  tool with manual  comparison ( a team of humans) to hunt the arbs down! So when we find an arb, we show it on the service page within seconds of finding it!


When is the best time to check for arbs ?

From 10 am of the day of the races.The servive will start when the markets are beginning to start to form for the day.


These  are some most frequently asked questions about the service.However, should you have any further questions or comments please contact us here >



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