spymare purchase pageThe best horse racing arbitrage service for simplicity, quality and value!

Welcome to the world of Risk free money  with © SpyMare Horse Racing Arbitrage Service !


We believe our service will BLOW AWAY any of the competition out there for PRICE, QUALITY, SIMPLICITY & FREE SUPPORT……. GUARANTEED !!

 So What does the service offer  ? 

Well, © SpyMare is a dedicated Horse Racing Arbitrage service that quickly & efficiently finds arbitrage bets manually on the UK and Irish Horse Racing markets, ensuring you never lose another racing bet again!If you are unsure of what an arbitrage bet is don’t worry, we will explain all of that in due course.In essence its a sure bet, meaning you cannot lose no matter the outcome of the bet.You can find more details about arbitrage in our free guide and user manual supplied with every subscription and purchase.

Some of the features that set SpyMare apart from the rest are :

  • SpyMare does not use any scraping or public odds comparison sites ( like oddschecker) to find the arbs displayed on our service.Instead we use a combination of our own custom odds comparison  tool with manual  comparison ( a team of humans) to hunt the arbs down! Although arbitrage markets are dynamic and fluid, the odds from our service are as up to date and live as they possibly can be, NOT delayed like inferior products! You need to consider this when you are thinking of purchasing an arbitrage product as even small delays can mean the difference between getting your bets on for a guaranteed profit OR missing the arb entirely.Do not be fooled by  other arbitrage services that rely on odds comparison sites, remember that Speed is of the essence to be successful  and that means live prices.So when we find an arb, we show it on the service page within seconds of finding it!
  • The service is a breeze to use, just log on with your username and password and scroll down to see all the risk free money opportunities available.
  • Sort feature to select results in ascending , descending, horse, time, odds and course order!
  • Multiple filter options to select only those arbs of value you are interested in !
  • Direct links to bookie pages to get those bets on quickly !
  • Choice of 2 arb calculators to work out stakes exactly with the option of a FREE BET with the possibility of a large win if the horse actually wins the race, with no loss to you if it loses!
  • The best service for price, simplicity and quality !
  • Subscriptions from only 34p per day!
  • Responsive, free customer support!


 The full features can be found on our FEATURES PAGE !



Here is a screenshot of the web service page displaying all arbs as and when they are found by the Spymare team :-


eaxmple arb 2


example arb 3



        Why gamble when you can win every bet ?

 Do want to see some more incredible arbs found by the service team  ?

Well, you can right here!


SpyMare is the most competitively priced Horse Racing Arbitrage Service on the market, with subscriptions starting at just

34p per day !


Full details of subscriptions , which represent fantastic value for money, can be found below >




Pricing plans are for a single license for use on a single computer.Multiple licenses can be purchased for as many additional computers as necessary.
          ( * From time to time we may have to restrict memberships to protect odds , liquidity and allow current members to get the very best from the service )



You can see some of the arbs available below and further screenshots by clicking HERE !!.

 DOWNARROWPNG2freebet eg1


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